25 October 2020

Meet Freya

Ok so i can now tell you ..... earlier today Freya became a permanent part of our family.
im not going to go in to details why because they are private. 
But yes cabbage is happy her best pal is staying and i cant thank sam enough.

13 October 2019

new outfits

We received our new outfits from Fluffytailsfashions 
in the post yesterday, 
So today me and Daisy decided to have a fashion show 
I was a A+ model Daisy thought it would be more fun to run off with our Bow Ties lolol 

25 August 2019

National Forest

More Pics from my walk .... Were we go is 38 hectares in the Heart of the National Forest of woodlands, grassland and parkland. 
Created across a natural valley
We see cattle , horses, and lots of wildlife running free which is why im always on my long lead to keep me safe 
Luv Cabbage