16 August 2016

Gold medal for corgi snorkelling

Think Corgi squash gets the gold medal in snorkelling She loves it. Only problem is we now have a watercorgi lol every time we let out she's in it.

Enjoying the pool

I'm always first in the pool !!!!! 

Frayer hanging with my dad Robbie both making sure me and Sasha dont get them wet .

Sasha loves to snorkel in the pool 

More photos later 

14 August 2016

Raising DOGS

Raising DOGS was my choice. I gave up things and went without for them. I regret nothing. My life was, and will always be, for my DOGS, no matter how big they get. They didn't ruin my life. They gave me a whole new view of the meaning of life. Couldn't love them any more.

23 July 2016

Corgis snorkeling

Hope you enjoying the video of Corgis 
Willow & Sasha blowing bubbles under the water

07 July 2016


Willow & Sasha came second in the Healthy Pets Facebook Competition.

This was Sasha's first competition :-)  

20 June 2016

Thank you Pawfect Doggie Treats

Robbie would like to thank Pawfect Doggie Treats for his customised Treat jug  he loves  it and the treats are yummy
 What a great to celebrate his birthday 

 Please check out my pals over at Pawfect Doggie Treats for more of these yummy mouth watering treats.
Luv Sasha 

Happy 12th birthday

12 June 2016

Gone but will never be forgotten

It is with great sadness that this morning we have said goodbye to our darling girl Del who has succumbed to cancer aged 13. Deli passed away in my arms 🐾
She will be a terrible loss to us and her pack but we will be forever with us.
RIP Del 2002 - 2016.