We very rarely have puppies because we only breed once from our bitches , we believe one litter is enough for a bitch .We also only breed for quality , soundness and for healthy puppies and not for money , All our puppies are socialized with our other dogs and brought up in the house so when they go to there new homes they are all well socialized and used to everyday noises .
  If you are interested in owning a Teomakleins puppy please feel free to contact us if we don't have puppies available still contact us we may know were puppies are available

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"view photos of past litters "to view photos in full size just click on photo"
Our first Cardi Litter - Sept 11th 2008

Welshbern Robyn with Teomakleins X Welshbern Gorau Glas with Teomakleins
Robbie & Jess Produced 7 stunning puppies 6 dogs & 1 bitch
1 black & white - 2 True Blue Merles & 4 Black ,white & Brindle points
Jess & Robbie

Our Only German Spitz Litter 2004   Frayer & Tymy Tick Tock



Our Border Collie Litter 2002  Rusty X Shannon
Rusty & shannon produced 6 stunning puppies
1 red & white ,1 black & white ,1 red merle,1 true blue ,1 red and 1 tricolour
       RUSTY                                           SHANNON