Gone but Never forgotten

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This page is for our dogs who are sadly no longer here and are greatly missed

 * HOLLY *
Holly was our spaniel who sadly passed away
  April 4th 2010 aged 19yrs
  Holly was a very spirited dog. She was always getting in to mischief with Rusty her partner in crime and the love of her life.
   * MEG *

Meg is our rescue cardigan corgi who sadly passed away
January 3rd 2010 aged 15ys
  Meg had a heart of gold and its because of Meg that we have the other cardigan corgis. Meg touched the heart of everyone she met.
  Meg was one in a million

Shannon was, for us, quite simply the worlds greatest Border Collie who sadly passed away
July 9th 2011 aged 16yrs.

* Mari Medi *
Mari was a marvellous loving dog with a great personality and looks, she will leave a massive hole in our hearts she sadly passed away March 22nd 2013 aged 12.5 yrs

 It is with great great sadness that I have to tell you all that my lovely girl Jess passed away today. She went to the vet with a lump and they discovered a lot more tumors in her in bad places. We took the decision to let go her now rather than put her through pain and suffering. To say we are heartbroken is a major understatement.
RIP Jessie - The hole you leave in our life is massive.
January 2015


Penny was the smallest dog in our family but also has the biggest personality.
Penny loves to spend her days playing with Rusty, our border collie, who she has loved since a few days after she was born. Penny would escape from the whelping box even when her eyes were still closed just be to near him!! Once she could walk there was no stopping her, she just loved to follow him around. They have a very special bond but they do look funny together because of the size difference.
Penny Sadly passed away far to soon June 5 2015


Misty was  the loon of our family. Misty is the most energetic and is always on the go, but does like to cuddle on a night and watch TV .Misty also enjoys going out and meeting people and showing them how cute and friendly she is.
Misty has done very well in the show ring winning many 
*Dec 13 2015 *

My beautiful Looney Tune Misty Passed away peacefully in my arms a few hours ago

She is going to leave such a large hole in our home , Because Misty had such a happy, Lively, bubbly personality which always made us all laugh. She really was one of a kind. Sleep well my angel you are now pain free and reunited with your sister Penny and the rest of the pack♥ One day Princess we will all be together xx

*DEL *
Del is daughter to Mari and was born in 2002 and was bred in Mid Wales by Jean Jones.
Del has a very close bond with her mum.
She was Mated to “Bredwardine Blue Peter at Gwenlais “
In 2004 and they produced a beautiful litter from which Jess arrived.
Del has been shown in Ireland where she has 
gained a total of 14 Green Stars.
She is a special girl with special qualities.
Del is now a veteran and enjoys life to the full. Thank you Jean for letting Del Join our family 
2012 Deli was shortlisted in the be the face of laughing Dogs and she won a cool goody bag.
It is with great sadness that this morning we have said goodbye to our darling girl Del who has succumbed to cancer aged 13. Deli passed away in my arms 🐾

She will be a terrible loss to us and her pack but we will be forever with us.
RIP Del 2002 - June 11th 2016.

* Miss Sparky * 
Sparky is our  border collie and we adopted from the 
Border Collie Trust G.B
Sparky was such a sweetie who always had a smile on her face and she touch your heart in a special way 

*TOD *
Tod was my stunning horse we rescued. 
  Tod (aged 33 yrs) sadly passed away Nov 18th 2008 in my arms from leukaemia.