About Us

 Welcome to Teomakleins
We own Border Collies, Cardigan Welsh Corgis and German Spitz Klein's.

Our first dogs were Rusty, who my husband has had since he was 6 wks and Holly who I’ve had since she was 9 wks old.
Then we rescued Shannon thought a contact of the RSPCA, followed about 2 years later when we rescued Meg (8yrs old) from the RSPCA. Meg turned out to be a Cardigan Corgi with a heart of gold and it’s because of Meg we now have the other cardigan corgis.
We were then joined by Frayer, a German Spitz Klein, and our first ever KC registered dog who was 10 months old. We later bred Frayer and kept 3 from her litter Misty, Penny and Harry.

In October 2004 we acquired our next Cardi Robbie, We then added Jess to our family in April 2005. And in November 2006 we added Del and Mari, both Cardi bitches to our family. Del is Jess’s mother and Mari is Robbie’s mother.
As with Robbie and Jess, both the girls settled in really quickly.
All the above Cardis came from Jean Jones (Welshbern) in Wales.
Thank you Jean for these beautiful Corgis.
In 2008 we welcomed our first Cardi litter from our Jess & Robbie from which we kept the only girl Willow .
All of our dogs live and sleep together in the house with us as part of the family, they also play together, meet all our visitors and as a result have superb temperaments they are very intelligent also very fit & healthy, and have lots of character.
We DO NOT believe in owning a dog and letting it live outside in a kennel. They are members of our family so they live with us.
We  live in the midlands Uk
                      Rusty                                  Willow                          
 Deli ,Mari , Jess & Robbie               Penny , Misty , Frayer & Harry