26 August 2016

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day :
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
Kisses Willow & Smurf, Squash & Robbie

16 August 2016

Gold medal for corgi snorkelling

Think Corgi squash gets the gold medal in snorkelling She loves it. Only problem is we now have a watercorgi lol every time we let out she's in it.

Enjoying the pool

I'm always first in the pool !!!!! 

Frayer hanging with my dad Robbie both making sure me and Sasha dont get them wet .

Sasha loves to snorkel in the pool 

More photos later 

14 August 2016

Raising DOGS

Raising DOGS was my choice. I gave up things and went without for them. I regret nothing. My life was, and will always be, for my DOGS, no matter how big they get. They didn't ruin my life. They gave me a whole new view of the meaning of life. Couldn't love them any more.