30 March 2013

Deli Wins Say Cheese Competition

Deli was one of the winners in the Say Cheese Competition  run by
K9 Highland Chews
Deli's Winning Photo
Deli received her prize today and totally loves it
 or check out her video


to find out more information on these great Treats

26 March 2013

Very sad news

Very sad news - unfortunately our lovely Cardi, Mari Medi, Rhiwelli Marimedi with Teomakleins had to be pts today.
She had a tumor that had attached to her stomach and liver that was inoperable and would only have had days to be with us. W
e took the decision that she should leave us now and be in no more pain.
Mari Medi was 12 and a half and will leave a massive hole in the house here.
She is coming home though and her ashes will sit with Holly, Meg and Shannon watching over all of us


05 March 2013

The Corgi's are famous

Check out our Cardigan Welsh Corgi's on the LOVE MY DOG Blog

Thank you so much to the people at LOVE MY DOG  for sharing our Dogs on your Blog
Please check out their great website for cool Doggie items