Rusty was our male Welsh Border Collie
Rusty is a companion Dog Club member. He was invited by the Kennel Club to take part in the companion dog club events at Discover Dogs in London 4 years in a row. He won at one of them and made the front page of the local paper twice .
The Kennel Club Commissioned a framed portrait by Ann Lornie of Rusty to be made for his prize. Its stunning and Anne has captured him superbly.

Rusty spends his days looking after the other dogs. He is pack leader and also the softest and most loving big dog you’ll ever find .
Rusty loves playing with Penny who he fell in love with when she was about 2 hours old. Penny would escape from the whelping box  just to be with him (even with her eyes closed). They now have a very close bond, but they do look funny because of the size difference. 
 Rusty also produced  a stunning litter with Shannon in Dec 2000

Rusty Sadly passed away aged 16yrs in 2014