14 February 2017

Happy valentines

1 year ago today beautiful Sasha joined our family 💕 

a lot of you may remember before she joined our family seeing Sasha's  details and photos etc on fb and the 100s of comments etc on a few corgi groups. 

I remember the moment Sasha arrived first thing I asked was she pregnant she was so fat, her coat was in a mess,(  sticky,smelly, and she had sore patches) 
Sasha was petrified of everything including her own shadow 🙁 her stumpy never moved for days.
 Our dogs met Sasha and they excepted her straight away it was like she was meant to be here. 
Over The next few days Sasha just sat quietly on her chair next to Trevor getting fuss and watching the other dogs do there thing which was a great way to teach Sasha how to be a dog.( she learnt a lot from Robbie ) 

In just a year Sasha has changed so much it's like she's a different dog 💕 shes learnt life is not a scary place, she can play with toys and the other dogs or just blitz around the house, she learnt having a brush is a nice thing ,
how to have her nails etc done and you can have as many cuddles as you like plus lots of healthy treats and she found her voice box ( thanks Willow ) 
Sasha is no longer scared of life she's a very confident girl with the most gentle loving temperament and now loves meeting everyone who visits and yep she gives kisses 😘 and her stumpy is always wagging. 
We are so glad Sasha joined our family and so proud of her