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Frayer is the oldest of our Spitz, aged 16ys
When Frayer came to live with us she was not socialized very much and didn't trust anyone. We were told she was no good as a show dog but we didn't mind, we just fell in love with her. We spent lots of time giving her love and attention and showing her that dogs and people can be friends. We took Frayer everywhere we went which helped her to come out of her shell. Frayer now loves playing with the other dogs and the bond we have with her is unbreakable .We have shown Frayer quite a few times and she has done very well, she's won Best puppies, Best of Breeds, and a group 2. She has been shown at Crufts which she really enjoys .
Frayer loves playing with her favourite toys, her soft ball or her soft Elephant (Ellie) or being my shadow.
She has also strangely taken to the nick-name "Smurf"!!!

Robbie was the first of our Cardigan corgis and was born in the summer of 2004.
He was bred by Jean Jones. His mother is Mari.
Robbie has been shown and done very well, winning many Best Puppies, Best Dogs and Res Best dogs & Best of Breeds.
In 2008 Robbie sired his first litter when he mated with Jess and they produced 7 stunning puppies – all beautifully marked (black& white, Black white and Brindle point, and Blue merles).
3 of their puppies are being shown and doing very well.
Robbie is great little dog with a superb temperament and has such a laid back loving and loyal temperament.
Robbie has a close bond to his daughter Willow, he is such a proud dad. Robbie loves to spends his days playing with his daughter in the garden or sitting in his camp chair lording it up!!

 Willow was born Sept 11 2008.

Her parents are Robbie & Jess.
Willow is a clone of her dad and her Great Grandma Mari.
She is a very clever little dog who picks things up very quickly, but is also full of beans and always up for a good play.
Willow loves to talk but her favourite pass time is to play in her pool, she is water mad .
Willow is also very loving and loyal and while I'm recovering from all my surgeries she never leaves my side .
2011 was a great year for Willow. She got into the final of the Nylabone Make Us Smile 2011 competition and then went on to come runner-up. We are so proud of her. She also managed to get her photo and an article about her in 3 local newspapers for two weeks running. She is still enjoying playing with her prizes!!!
Please check out Willow's Award page to see what she been up to 

Please also checkout Willow & Frayer blog

Squash (Sasha )
Sasha is 4 yrs old, when she first came to live with us she was very nervous and unsure on everything.
We spent the first day just showing  her love and letting her watch our other dogs so she could see what was going on and there was no need to be scared.
Over the next few days she realised she was aloud in every room, on the furniture.
about a month on and she's started playing with dogs and enjoying  a good corgi blitz 
Sasha's got the most sweeties temperament and is developing into the clown of the family. 

Cabbage (Cabbie )
Our newest member Cabbage 
she's the granddaughter to our Robbie & Sasha and Willow's cousin.
She was bred by Heather from Heatherstar CardiganWelsh corgis.
Cabbage is a very confident little girl who is on the go and into everything.


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